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Summary of Disciplinary Actions Taken by the Nebraka Real Estate Commission

This includes Hearings on Formal Complaints;
or Stipulation and Consent Orders during the period of
January 1, 1990 through March 14, 2022


Section Violated Description
Section 81-885.01
Improper Licensure
Section 81-885.02
Unlicensed Activity
Section 81-885.03
Section 81-885.10
Section 81-885.11
Submitting False Application
Section 81-885.12
Submitting False Information
Section 81-885.16
Violating any Provision of Sections 76-2401 to 76-2430
Section 81-885.17
Failure to Complete Nonresident Licensee Educaiton Requirement
Section 81-885.19
Failure to Display Licenses
Section 81-885.21
Trust Account Violations
Section 81-885.24(2)
Misleading Advertising
Section 81-885.24(3)
Failure to Account for and Remit Money
Section 81-885.24(4)
Commingling Money
Section 81-885.24(5)
Failure to Maintain and Deposit Money in Separate Account
Section 81-885.24(6)
Undisclosed Commissions, Rebates or Direct Profit
Section 81-885.24(7)
Representing Another Broker without Consent
Section 81-885.24(8)
Accepting Commission From Other Than Employing Broker
Section 81-885.24(11)
Placing Sign on Property without Proper Consent
Section 81-885.24(12)
Offering Real Estate for Sale or Lease without Owner's Consent
Section 81-885.24(13)
Inducing to Break Contract
Section 81-885.24(14)
Negotiating or Subsituting when there is an Exclusive Agreement
Section 81-885.24(15)
Soliciting Listing when Owner has an Exclusive Agreement
Section 81-885.24(16)
Violating Any Provision of Section 76-2401 to 76-2430
Section 81-885.24(18)
Using Unlicensed Persons
Section 81-885.24(19)
Failure to Include Date of Expiration and Provide Copy
Section 81-885.24(20)
Failure to Deliver Purchase Agreement in Timely Manner
Section 81-885.24(21)
Failure to Deliver Final Closing Statement
Section 81-885.24(22)
Substantial Misrepresentation
Section 81-885.24(23)
Acting for More Than One Party Without Knowledge
Section 81-885.24(24)
Failure to Give Broker Money in Timely Manner
Section 81-885.24(25)
Filing Document Creating a Lien
Section 81-885.24(26)
Violating Commission Adopted Rule
Section 81-885.24(28)
Convicted of a Felony/Entering Guilty or Nolo Contendere Plea
Section 81-885.24(29)
Demonstrating Negligence, Incompentency or Unworthiness
Section 81-885.24(34)
Utilizing Team Advertising or Team Name Suggesting the Team is an Independent Real Estate Brokerage
Chapter 2-003
Allowing Advertising Not in Name of Broker
Chapter 2-005
Advertising in Own Name/Not Indicating Licensee
Chapter 2-006
Failure to Advise of Licensee Status
Chapter 2-007
Failure to Transmit All Written Offers to the Owner
Chapter 2-008
Closing without Proper Supervision
Chapter 2-010
Failure to Acquire Consent From the Employing Broker
Chapter 3-001
Failure to Maintain Transaction Records
Chapter 3-002
Failure to Maintain Bookkeeping System
Chapter 3-003
Failure to Deposit Trust Funds
Chapter 3-004
Failure to Identify Trust Funds
Chapter 3-005
Deposits Relating to the Sale of Real Estate
Chapter 3-006
Improper Transferring of Funds in Cooperative Transaction
Chapter 3-007
Improper Release of Trust Funds
Chapter 5-003.01
Preparing Land Contract
Chapter 5-003.02
False Documents/Information to Lender
Chapter 5-003.04
Failure to Disclose Licensee Interest in Property
Chapter 5-003.06
Failure to Disclose Compensation by more than One party to all Parties
Chapter 5-003.07
Failure to Disclose Agency Relationships
Chapter 5-003.08
Failure to Disclose Dual Capacity as Agent and Principal
Chapter 5-003.09
Failure to Disclose Dual Agency Relationships in Writing
Chapter 5-003.10
Failure to Disclose Estimated Closing Costs to Seller
Chapter 5-003.11
Failure to Disclose Estimated Closing Costs to Purchaser
Chapter 5-003.12
Faulure to Surrender Documents to Rightful Owner
Chapter 5-003.13
Failure to Disclose Other Than Cash/Immediately Depositable Earnest Money
Chapter 5-003.14
Failure to Deposit Earnest Money in a Timely Manner
Chapter 5-003.15
Withholding Earnest Money
Chapter 5-003.17
Failure to Produce Any Document, Book or Record
Chapter 5-003.18
Failure to Reduce an Offer to Writing
Chapter 5-003.19
Failure to Submit All Written Offers
Chapter 5-003.20
Failure to Disclose Adverse material Fact
Chapter 5-003.21
Failure to Return License
Chapter 5-003.22
Failure to Supervise Affiliated Licensees
Chapter 5-003.23
Failure to Deliver Disclosure Statement to Purchaser/Agent
Chapter 5-003.24
Failure to Deliver Disclosure Statement to Purchaser
Chapter 5-003.25
Failure to Disclose an Error and Disclosure Statement
76-2 120
Failure to Obtain Written Contract with Seller
Failure to Fulfill Duties and Obligations of Buyer's Agent or Tenant's Agent
Failure to Fulfill Duties and Obligations of Dual Agent
Failure by Designated Broker to Adopt Written Agency Policy
Failure to Provide Brokerage Pamphlet or Duties
Failure to Acquire Written Agreements for Brokerage Services
Unfair Trade Practice by Violation of Sections 76-2401 to 76-2430
Show-Cause Hearings