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This page of the website focuses on information for real estate salesperson and broker licensees and license applicants including information on the application and renewal process, continuing education, the license transfer process, errors and omissions insurance, as well as the various forms used by the Commission.  Use the navigation tabs on the left for more detailed information on any of the topics below.


Did you know that many of the Nebraska Real Estate Commission’s Licensing and Renewal Services are available online?  You will need your user name and password to access the online services. 

If you lost your password or want to change your password, please review the Password and Username Information.

If you forgot your user name you may contact the Nebraska Real Estate Commission at 402-471-2004.

The License Application Process

License Applications are processed by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.   Salesperson Applicants are required to complete 60 hours of pre-license education, have a high school diploma or G.E.D., submit fingerprint cards for a criminal background check, and pass of the license exam.  Broker applicants must meet the salesperson requirements as well as meeting additional educational and/or experience requirements and pass the broker exam.   Detailed information about the license process and application forms can be found by clicking on the License
Application Process tab to the left.

License Renewal

Beginning in 2012, All real estate licenses must be renewed once every two years, in the same year a licensee's continuing education is due.  In order to be renewed the Commission will need evidence of your errors and omissions insurance to be submitted prior to or with the renewal unless already on file with us.  Renewals are due on or before November 30. Renewal notices are mailed out by the Commission containing a reminder to go online to our website to renew. Failure to receive this notice does not relieve licensees of the obligation to renew their license on time.

Continuing Education

All licenseesmust complete a total of 18 hours of continuing education every two years, beginning with those who wish to renew their license for 2013 and beyond. Of that 18 hours, at lease 12 hours must be in approved continuing education with "6" hours in designated subject matter, "R" courses. The remaining 6 hours may be in broker-approved training that has been recognized by the Commission or may be in additional approved continuing education activities. “R” courses may be duplicated in subsequent CE periods, but non-“R” continuing education may not be duplicated withing 4 years. There is no prohibition on duplicating training activities approved by your broker.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

All active licensees are required to have current errors and omissions insurance coverage and proof of that coverage on file with the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.  The Commission contracts with a carrier to make sure that the required E & O insurance is available to all licensees, you are not required to use that carrier, but you must have insurance that meets Nebraska’s coverage requirements.  For more detailed information on E & O insurance click on the Errors and Omissions Insurance tab on the left.

License Transfer Procedures

Changing your license status from active to inactive status, or changing your designated broker is referred to as a license transfer.  Procedures for license transfers vary depending on the nature of the transfer, please click on the Transfer Process tab to the left for more detailed information.

Agency and License Law and Forms

Nebraska real estate statutes and regulations relating to agency law and the License Act, as well as all of the forms utilized by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission are available by clicking on “Agency and License Law” and “Forms” navigation tabs on the left

Use the navigation tabs to the left for more
detailed information
on any of the topics above.