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Complaint Procedures

The Nebraska Real Estate Commission Licenses and Regulates real estate salespersons and brokers doing real estate business in the state of Nebraska.  Please note the that Nebraska Real Estate Commission does not have jurisdiction or authority over transactions, but only licensees conduct in relation to those transactions.  The Commission can discipline licensees if it is determined that they have broken the law.  They cannot award damages to the persons complaining or determine the outcome of a dispute regarding a real estate transaction, such actions must be determined by the courts if a mutual agreement cannot be worked out by the parties involved.   

If you feel that a salesperson or broker may have broken license or agency law while acting as a licensee in a real estate transaction or related real estate matter please review the information on the links below to see if you may have grounds for a complaint.  If further assistance is needed in determining whether a potential grounds for a complaint against a licensee exists, please contact the Deputy Director for Enforcement, at:

Nebraska Real Estate Commission
PO Box 94667
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone (402) 471-2004
Fax (402) 471-4492


Complaint Form

Answer Form

Intervention Form

Nebraska Real Estate License Law Manual