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Time-Share Registration Information

1.   Nebraska Time-Share Act

2.   General Instructions for Application of Registration

3.   Application for Registration of Time-Share Program

4.   Acknowledgement of Developer's Representing Broker - 
      Download or Submit Online

5.   Time-Share Developer's Designation of Representing Broker - 
       Download or Submit Online
      This form is filled out by the Authorized Representative of the Time-Share       Development.    To submit this form online you will need a user name and       password.   To get a user name and password click here!

6.   Registration of Escrow Bank Account

7.    Time-Share Annual Renewal Statement

8.    Sample Time-Share Bond: Developer 

9.    Sample Time-Share Guaranty

10.  Sample Time-Share Bond: Acquisition Agent, Sales Agent and Managing Agent

11.    Fee Schedule