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76-1701.         Act, how cited.
76-1702.        Terms, defined.
76-1703.        Time-share estate; status with respect to real property interests.
76-1704.        Time-share estate; title; separate estate.
76-1705.        Time-share program; discriminatory ordinance or regulation; prohibited.
76-1706.        Time-share intervals in units.
76-1707.         Instruments for time-share estate; contents.
76-1708.         Time-share estate program; instruments; management and operation                                           provisions; enumerated.
76-1709.         Time-share estate program; instruments; developer-control period.
76-1710.          Instruments for time-share use; contents.
76-1711.           Time-share use program; instruments management and operation                                                 provisions; enumerated.
76-1712.          Partition.
76-1713.           Public-offering statement; general provisions; enumerated.
76-1714.           Public-offering statement; exchange-of-occupancy rights; disclosure 
76-1715.            Escrow of deposits; surety bond
76-1716.            Mutual right of cancellation.
76-1717.            Other filings not required; not treated as a security.
76-1718.            Public-offering statement; not required; when.
76-1719.            Public-offering statement; cases in which not required.
76-1720.          Public-offering statement; material change; amend or supplement.
76-1721.            Liens.
76-1722.            Effect of violation on rights of action; attorney's fees; violations; penalties;
76-1723.            Statutes of limitations.
76-1724.            Financial records.
76-1725.            Commission; powers.
76-1726.            Commission; notice of suspension; conditions; cease and desist order;
                                 revocation order.
76-1727.            Time-share interval; offer or sale; restrictions.
76-1728.            Acquisition agent; register information; bond.
76-1729.            Sales agent; register information; bond.
76-1730.            Managing agent; register information; bond.
76-1731.            Bonds; consolidation.
76-1732.            Exchange agent; file information.
76-1733.            Acquisition agent; sales agent; maintain records.
76-1734.            Application for registration; contents; fee; certificate of registration;                                             report;  investigation.
76-1735.            Commission; regulation of public-offering statement.
76-1736.            Receipt of application; effectiveness of registration.
76-1737.            Developer; amend or supplement registration.
76-1737.01        Developer; time-share interval; duties; violation.
76-1738.            Registration; exemptions; exception.
76-1739.            Financing of time-share programs; records; requirements.
76-1740.            Rights under foreclosure.
76-1741.            Lienholder; rights.