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Providers of training i.e. schools, education providers, brokers, trainers, experts, etc.  may develop activities no less than one sixty-minute hour in length (multiple hour training may be based on 50-minute hours).  Activities will be recognized in hour increments.  The training activity will directly relate to real estate services provided by real estate licensees to the public. A Training Activity Application form developed by the Commission will be completed and submitted to the Commission at least 30 days in advance of the program being offered for credit.  A notice of recognition of the program by the Commission will be returned to the Provider of training.   If a schedule for the training has been determined at the time of the submission of the Training Activity Application, the Notice of Training Scheduling may be submitted with the Application.  If the schedule has not already been determined the Notice of Training Scheduling will need to be submitted to the Commission subsequently and prior to the scheduled training. 

FAQ's on Commission-Approved Training Activities

Application Procedures for Commission-Approved Training Activities

Application Form - TRG1

Notice of Training Scheduling Form - TRG2

Activity Completion Certificate Instructions

Additional Instructor Information Form

Procedures for submitting Attendance Verifications Lists

Information Letter for Providers