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Important Information for Education Providers



The Real Estate Commission requires that course schedules be submitted to the Real Estate Commission in advance of the program. Pre-License and Continuing education activity schedules are requested as early as possible. We request that these schedules be submitted on the provider portal located on the Commission’s website at: Please give this matter some priority as it is pertinent in identifying students’ options, setting up review visits, and in helping to know which instructors are current in their teaching experience. For those providing programs in a distance education format, individual arrangements for staff access will be addressed upon request.

In making preparation for your programs be aware that the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires any private entity that offers examinations or courses related to licensing for professional or trade purposes to offer such examination or course in a place and manner accessible to persons with disabilities, or offer alternative accessible arrangements.

Please remind your students that at least twelve hours out of the eighteen hour education requirement must be in continuing education activities and that six of these continuing education hours, required every two years, must be in designated subject matter. Courses that meet this requirement are indicated by the letter R following their 4-digit course content number.  Up to six hours may be in Commission-approved Training activities. In addition, licensees who are members of real estate teams and those who supervise teams must take a teams class within 180 days after a team is formed and once every four years and one day after that, and licensees that engage in property management and those who supervise them must take a three hour property management class during every two year CE period.

Training activities are identified by the content number of 9999T.  Please remember that it is the education provider’s responsibility to get pre-approval for training prior to the course being offered in order for the licensee to get credit for attending.  Continuing education activities may substitute for Commission-approved Training hours but the reverse is NOT true Training will not substitute for continuing education.

This underscores the importance of the 4-digit course content number assigned to each of your programs. By identifying required courses through the content number, these numbers will be even more heavily relied upon by students when planning their education participation. Duplication of pre-license courses or content is never recognized and duplication of general continuing education seminars or content within four years is not given credit either. This numbering system, when employed by both the provider and the student, can eliminate cases of inadvertent duplication. Because people need to identify what they’ve taken, this number must be included on the Course Completion Certificate. Because people need to plan their registrations, this number must also be included in your course promotion and registration material. Please give this your full attention.  All training programs have the same number, 9999T, because duplication is not an issue with Commission-approved Training.

Please make an announcement at the beginning of each seminar or in your distance education orientation materials that covers the following areas:

  1. An explanation of your attendance policies (100% attendance required) and the awarding of certificates (many licensees are concerned as to whether the certificate will be handed out at the session’s end or mailed later).
  3. Request that everyone verify their License I.D. number as it appears on the registration and certificate. Accuracy is important.
  1. Remind Licensees of their obligation to retain copies of their certificates themselves, as it is their only record of taking the class should a discrepancy arise between the provider’s records as submitted to the Commission and the completion certificate.


Synchronous learning is real time interactive classroom instruction provided remotely.  Instructors must be sure to monitor attendance and participation in synchronous learning courses.

At the beginning of each classroom or synchronous learning class the instructor should review the classroom conduct and participation standards developed by the Commission.

Finally, please encourage your students to take the time to fill out your course/instructor evaluations. We feel that having their evaluation on record is extremely important to us, to them and to you.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. Our experience has been that these measures contribute in a more efficient and a more respected program.

Requests for access to licensee rosters mailing labels may be submitted on our website at: