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Real Estate Broker Application Packet for Persons Moving to Nebraska
Who Presently Hold a Real Estate License in Their Resident Jurisdiction.

Applicants are advised to review each of the items listed below.  Each Item is pertinent to the licensing process.

Real Estate Application Instructions

Three Clock-Hour Course Required- IMPORTANT

Notice of Application Fee for Nonresident Applicants and Persons Moving to Nebraska

Real Estate Broker Application - Download form or Submit form online

Affidavit of Application

Nebraska Real Estate License Manual

Nebraska Fair Housing Act - Link to NEOC

Federal Fair Housing Act - Link to HUD

Errors & Omissions Insurance Information

Consent to Examine Trust Account Form

Trade Name Application Forms - Link to Secretary of State Forms


Sample "Corporate Subordination Resolution"- Download or Submit form online

Sample "Limited Liability Company Subordination Resolution"
Download or Submit Online