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Pre-License Education Course Requirement for License Recognition Applicants

As an applicant seeking licensure in the State of Nebraska through recognition of a current license from another jurisdiction, you should be aware of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-885.17 (1)(c) and (3) require that applicants must provide adequate proof of completion of a three clock-hour class approved by the Commission specific to the Nebraska Real Estate License Act and Nebraska Revised Statutes Sections 76-2401 to 76-2430 prior to the issuance date of the license.

In order to avail yourself of this education it is our suggestion that you contact the Nebraska-approved Real Estate Providers listed below.

The providers and classes which currently meet this requirement are:

Provider Information

Course Number/
Delivery Method
Course Name

301 S 70th, Ste 245
Lincoln, NE 68510
Phone (402)858-1553

0604R (Live Classroom) Agency/License Law
3 clock hours

Larabee School of Real Estate
4501 S 86th St
Lincoln, NE 68526
Phone (402)436-3308

0604R (Live Classroom) License Law/Agency Review
3 clock hours

Randall School of Real Estate 11036 Oak St
Omaha, NE 68144
Phone (402) 333-3004

0604R (Live Classroom) Nebraska License
   Law and Agency Overview
3 clock hours
0604R (Correspondence) Nebraska License
Law and Agency Overview
3 clock hours

Reesults Coaching
16616 Jackson St
Omaha, NE 68118
Phone (402) 676-0101

0604R (Live Classroom) License Law & Agency Relationships
3 clock hours, Inc
dba/Van Education Center
5000 Plaza on the Lake
Austin, TX 78746
Phone (512) 212-7345

0604R (Internet) Real Estate License Law & Agency Relationships
3 clock hours