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Subdivided Land Registration Information


This section sets out the statutes, any rules and regulations and forms required of original applicants for registration or for the renewal of existing sub-divided land.  Persons who wish to view a list of those entities currently registered in Nebraska may do so by clicking on "Registered Sub-divided Land Projects" below.

Nebraska Real Estate License Act - Title 299, Chapter 4 -  Subdivided Lands

Information for Use in Registering  Subdivided Lands

Application for Registration  to Sell Subdivided Lands

Subdivider's Designation of Representing Broker - Download or Submit Online
      This form is filled out by the Authorized Representative of the Subdivision.  To submit this form online you will need a user name and password.   To get a user name and password click here

Acknowledgement of Subdivider's Representing Broker -  Download or Submit Online

  Application for a Continuation Filing for Subdivided Lands


Registered Subdivided Land Projects