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Applications for renewal, together with the proper fee of $140.00, must be received in the office of the Nebraska Real Estate Commission on or before November 30, 2022.

NEW FOR THOSE RENEWING ON ACTIVE STATUS- You will not be able to complete the renewal form or submit the form unless your continuing education has been met and your error & omissions insurance has been verified to our office.

Online renewals and fees will not be accepted unless the renewal process is completed and submitted.  Renewals completed after November 30, 2022, deadline will have to pay additional late fees (which are $25.00 per month or any portion of a month beginning December 1, 2022). The option to renew late expires June 30, 2023. Do not attempt to avoid late renewal penalties by sending inadequate documents. Your license will not be renewed until all materials have been submitted in full. Please coordinate your documents so that they may arrive either prior to or simultaneoulsy with your renewal.

It is strongly recommended that you retain a copy of the submission confirmation page for your records.  RENEWAL DEADLINES REMAIN THE SAME FOR ANY METHOD OF RENEWAL UTILIZED.

Licensee Portal

Please be aware that you CANNOT fill out online renewals for anyone but yourself.  If multiple licensees use the same computer to renew their licenses online, they must logout of their licensee portal and login using their individual licensee portal accessed by entering their user name and password.
The online renewal, along with access to the records the Commission has relative to your particular license, can be found at your licensee portal.  To get to the portal you login from our homepage by clicking on theLicensee Portal link.  If you need assistance logging in please visit the Licensee Portal Information page.

If you need help you can call us at (402) 471-2004.  Once logged in, the renewal link will be located under the "license Information section". 

The licensee portal will also provide your Continuing Education and Errors and Omissions insurance information, as well as affiliated licensees and branch office information that we have on file for designated brokers.  All licensees will be able to login to their licensee portal but the renewal option will only be available to those whose renewal is due this year.

Prior to Selecting the License Renewal Link Found on the Portal

Review the continuing education and errors and omissions insurance information we have on file for you - if something is missing please contact the provider. These items must be in order before your license can be renewed on active status. If all items are not received you will be unable to submit your renewal.

Be ready to provide errors and omissions insurance claims and lawsuit information.  If there is an affirmative answer regarding errors and omissions insurance claims you must supply the names, last known addresses of all claimants and persons against whom claims were filed, and other parties involved; the name of the errors and omissions insurance carrier for each licensee named; the location of the court, agency, or other entity with which such claim was filed (if applicable); the date such claim was filed and the caption and case number assigned to such claim; the nature of the claim and a brief statement of all significant facts and details.  If there is an affirmative answer regarding lawsuits etc., you must supply the names of all parties involved, the court, location, date filed, nature of the suit and a brief statement of all significant details.  These details, as requested, must be ready to submit via narrative or PDF attachment.

Active salesperson renewals received after January 1, 2023, will require a letter signed by a designated broker indicating that the broker agrees to supervise the active licensee.  This is necessary even if the licensee is seeking to work for the same broker he/she worked for just prior to the license expiring on December 31.  All affiliated licensees renewing after December 31, should be prepared to attach such a letter in a PDF format when renewing online. 


If you have not already submitted all documents necessary, the renewal application will let you attach documents such as legal documents.

The Renewal Process

The online renewal application asks for the same information as the old paper renewals in generally the same order, so it should look familiar.  By pre-populating the applicable fields we hope to speed up your renewal process and minimize any errors.   The renewal application includes numerous stopping points so you can save your work and continue later.  Please remember, however, the process is not complete until the renewal has been submitted.  The actual license renewal will be confirmed after the Commission staff reviews the submission and accepts it. 

Business/Residence Address Information & Telephone Numbers:  These pre-populated fields may be changed as needed.

Continuing Education: Review the education on file in the licensee portal PRIOR to proceeding through the license renewal.  All licensees renewing on an active status will need to have completed 18 hours of education.  If the education screen does not indicate that you have completed your education requirement, review what is on file and contact the course provider to submit the missing verification prior to renewing the license. Please allow the providers 10 days from the course date to submit verification to our office. However, if you have taken out of state courses or appraisal courses, you will need to submit proof of completion with your renewal.  As you are aware, inactive brokers may waive completion of continuing education until such time as their license is activated.  Because inactives do not have a broker, training is not required. 

    1. If you are a resident of and licensed in another jurisdiction, you may meet the Nebraska continuing education requirement by affirming that you have met the continuing education requirement in your resident jurisdiction.
    2. Team Members, Team Leaders and designated brokers who supervise teams must take a 1000R course within 180 days of July 1, 2017 or of becoming part of a team.  The team training course must be repeated every 4 years.
    3. If you provide property management services or supervise a licensee or licensees who provide property management services, then 3 Continuing Education hours shall be required in each two year period in a property management course. Courses that meet this requirement are indicated by the letters “PM” following the course content number.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage: ALL LICENSEES, must review their errors and omissions insurance coverage!  If your insurance expires on or before January 2, 2023, and you wish to remain on active status you must renew your errors and omissions insurance and proof of insurance for 2023 must be in our records prior to renewing your license.  Please review your current errors and omissions insurance information section on the licensee portal as well as the 2022 E&O Insurance Information page.   The Commission-offered insurance program enrollment information packet was mailed to you directly from the Commission offered plan provider, Rice Insurance Services Center (RISC) or you may visit their website from the link above.  As always, you are welcome to use the Commission offered plan or obtain your own equivalent coverage, but, remember, if your insurance expires on or before January 2, 2023, you must renew your E & O coverage in order to keep your license on active status.  Do not send insurance enrollment form or fees to the Commission.  These must be sent to the address indicated on the insurance enrollment form. 

Please Note: Allow at least 24-48 hours for the errors and omissions insurance providers to electronically provide proof of coverage to our office. Please contact the provider should you have questions regarding the reporting period.

If you are renewing on ACTIVE status, your current expiration date will be pre-populated in the errors and omissions insurance section located in the online renewal.  If that date is not on or after January 2, 2023, you will need to submit verification to our office before you can continue to renew on active status.

Citizenship Attestation

Nebraska Statutes 4-108 through 4-114 require the Nebraska Real Estate Commission to verify the lawful presence in the United States of any person who has applied for a professional license and should be enforced without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or national origin.  Verification of lawful presence in the United States requires that the applicant attest, in a format provided, that he or she is a United States citizen; or he or she is a qualified alien under the federal immigration and Nationality Act.  A qualified alien applicant shall have his or her employment authorization document verified through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security or an equivalent program designated by the United States Department of Homeland Security.  The verification is required when you apply for a real estate license and with each two-year license renewal.  If you are not a U.S. citizen, please make sure that you provide the correct immigration status and alien number as this number is used to verify employment eligibility.  You must also be able to provide a copy of your USCIS documentation upon request.

Final Review and Payment

When you have completed entering the renewal information you will be taken to a review page that will allow you to look over what you have entered.  Once you have completed your review and made any corrections, you will be taken to the payment portal where you will pay for your renewal via credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover). Debit cards will NOT be accepted.  NOTE:  Any stop payment through a credit card company (chargeback) will be subject to a $30.00 processing fee.  Further, the License Act provides that the issuance of insufficient funds may be grounds for denial or revocation of a license.  Print the submission confirmation page for your record.

Because there are many items on the renewal form, such as lawsuit information or criminal charges, that will still require review by Commission staff, the renewal status indicated on your licensee portal will indicate “pending Commission’s approval”  Your renewal will not be complete until Commission staff have reviewed the form and given final approval, this process may take several days.  Your credit card will not be charged pending final review, but you will probably see a notice of pending charge or charge authorization on your online statement after the renewal has been submitted.

If all items required to renew your license are not received in 3 days, your renewal will be rejected.

Email Verification That License Has Been Renewed and Emailed Receipt Cards!

Please allow time for the Commission’s review of your renewal.  After the renewal has been reviewed you will receive an email that will confirm the renewal has been approved OR that the renewal has been rejected and why it has been rejected.  Finally, after you have succeeded in renewing and have received the email indicating approval of renewal you will receive another email that contains your receipt card.  PRINT YOUR RECEIPT CARD AND PUT IT IN YOUR WALLET.


Please remember that the Commission Office will be open from 8:00-5:00 Central M-F and will be happy to assist you at any time.  You may reach our office by:
Telephone:  (402)471-2004