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Approved Provider Pass Rate for
First Time Test Takers

License Examination Performance by School

This report shows the performance on the Nebraska real estate license examination by school for candidates taking the examination for the first time during the reporting period.

Both the statistics for the entire state as well as the statistics for the individual school can be found on the report.  The first row of data shows the number of students in the school that tested, passed or failed the exam followed by the total number for Nebraska that tested, passed or failed the exam during that reporting period. 

The second row of data shows the school mean, the state mean, and number of items for each of the National exam categories.  The last two columns of this row compare school and state totals for the National exam as well as the State exam.

The number of correct questions necessary to pass the National exam is 70/100.  The number of correct questions necessary to pass the State exam is 38/50.

The Commission would caution readers to be aware of the total number of students that are being tested from any school.  Pass /Fail percentages have less to tell when the number of students is quite small.

Year Quarter
2016 3rd and 4th Quarter
2017 2017 - 2nd Quarter
  2017 - 3rd Quarter
  2017 - 4th Quarter
2018 2018 - 1st Quarter
  2018 - 2nd Quarter
  2018 - 3rd Quarter
  2018 - 4th Quarter
2019 2019 - 1st Quarter
  2019 - 2nd Quarter
  2019 - 3rd Quarter
  2019 - 4th Quarter
2020 2020 - 1st Quarter
  2020 - 2nd Quarter
  2020 - 3rd Quarter
  2020 - 4th Quarter
2021 2021 - 1st Quarter
  2021 - 2nd Quarter
  2021 - 3rd Quarter
  2021 - 4th Quarter
2022 2022 - 1st Quarter
  2022 - 2nd Quarter
  2022 - 3rd Quarter
  2022 - 4th Quarter
2023 2023 - 1st Quarter
  2023 - 2nd Quarter
  2023 - 3rd Quarter - none
  2023 - 4th Quarter
2024 2024 - 1st Quarter

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