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Items Needed to Operate as a
Professional Corporation (PC)

(does not include all items needed to issue license)

Licensees may choose to incorporate under the Nebraska Professional Corporation Act.  Contact your attorney or financial consultant for the advisability of such option.  A professional corporation must submit an application (download form or submit form online) to the Commission for a Certificate of Registration certifying that each shareholder, officer, director and professional employee, except the secretary and assistant secretary, is licensed by the Commission and not otherwise disqualified to render services.  Filing of the Certificate of Registration is then made with the Secretary of State's Office.  Additional information on this process and the forms are available from the Secretary of State's Office.

Blue CheckmarkLetter of Intent-Upload information using the Licensee Portal

Blue CheckmarkConsent to Examine Trust Account
Commission Approved Trust Account Waiver Form

Blue CheckmarkDesignated Broker Education Requirement - if supervising other licensees

Blue CheckmarkCorporate Subordination Resolution(required only if broker owns less than 51%)

Blue CheckmarkMake Proper Filing with the Nebraska Secretary of State's office -Upload information using the Licensee Portal

Blue CheckmarkShareholder(s), Percentages & Address(es)--Upload information using the Licensee Portal

Blue CheckmarkOfficer(s) & Address(es)--Upload information using the Licensee Portal

Blue CheckmarkProfessional Employee(s) Name(s)--Upload information using the Licensee Portal

Blue CheckmarkAddress for Services--Upload information using the Licensee Portal

Blue CheckmarkSurvey (if other field & have employees)- (Download)

Blue CheckmarkSubmit on the Licensee Portal - Professional Corporation Application to the Real  Estate Commission

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