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Requests for Certifications of License History

When requesting a certification of license history from our office the licensee may download the Request for Certification of License History form or provide the following information:


  • Written request for a certification of license history, SIGNED by the licensee for whom the certification is requested. If more than one licensee is requesting a certification at the same time,separate letters are needed for each licensee.

  • License ID number of the licensee for whom the certification is requested.

  • To which real estate regulatory jurisdiction the certification is to be sent -- if the certification is for an agency or office that is not another real estate regulatory jurisdiction, we need the name, address and contact person of the agency or office to which the certification is to be sent.

  • Indicate whether you would like the original certification sent to you, or to the state, or agency or office, for which you have requested the certification.

  • If you are no longer licensed in Nebraska, we will need to know when you were originally licensed, when you let the license lapse, and what type of license (Salesperson or Broker) you held. If you let the license lapse more than five years ago, we would no longer have records to certify that information.

  • The charge for a Certification of License History is $25.00.
    Please allow seven to ten business days for processing. 
    The Request for Certification of License History form or above mention information may be faxed or mailed to the Commission office.

    If you have any questions in regard to certifications,
    please contact the Applications &
    Licensing Secretary of our office.
    Phone (402) 471-2004 or