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2024-2025 Late Renewal Procedures

Any salesperson or broker who fails to file an application for renewal of a license and pay the renewal fee by the December 1 date, as provided in the Nebraska Real Estate License Act and Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-885.14(1), may file a late renewal application with all required information included and must pay, in addition to the renewal fee, the sum of twenty-five dollars for each month, or fraction thereof, beginning with the first day of December;  Provided that such late application is filed before July 1 of the ensuing year.

No renewals will be accepted unless they are submitted online ( or on the prepared forms which have been supplied by the Commission, and are filled out completely and signed by the licensee.

It should also be pointed out that the License Act provides that the issuance of an insufficient funds check may be grounds for denial or revocation of a license - this includes the renewal of a license.


Make sure that the application is completed fully, signed and submitted.  Make sure to provide the proper renewal fee, American Express, Discover, VISA or MasterCard information requested on the form or online (Debit cards will NOT be accepted).  If conveying payments via checks or money orders, make them payable to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission . 

NEW FOR THOSE RENEWING ON ACTIVE STATUS- You will not be able to complete the renewal form or submit the form unless your continuing education has been met and your error & omissions insurance has been verified to our office.

After December 31, the license has expired and the license has been separated from the broker. Therefore, in order to renew a license on active status after this date the licensee who is renewing must present a written, signed letter from the designated broker indicating he/she agrees to supervise the licensee. This is required even if the license is going back to the same broker.