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Meeting the Designated Subject Matter Requirement

Six hours out of each 12-hour continuing education requirement MUST be in designated subject matter. Each course that is approved by the Real Estate Commission is given a four-digit course content number. When a course is considered designated subject matter, a letter "R" will follow this number (i.e. 0366R). Designated subject courses, or "R" courses, may be repeated each subsequent education period. However, they may not be repeated in any ONE continuing education period.

1.     NE License Law (or partial studies of it)
2.     NE Landlord/Tenant Act
3.     NE Trust Account Maintenance (specific to our manual)
4.     Agency/Brokerage Relationships
5.     Fair Housing/ADA
6.     Ethical Decision Making (not any specific code of ethics
        for a professional organization)
7.     Preparing a Certified Market Analysis (CMA) and/or a Broker
        Price Opinion (BPO)
8.     Environmental Concerns
9.     Contracts
10.   Finance
11.    Safety (licensee and/or client and consumer)