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Continuing Education Provider Overview

Continuing education providers must read through the packet of information regarding the application for, and maintenance of, continuing education accreditation. We suggest that you keep the packet intact as it can serve as a procedures reference. Forms can certainly be generated as needed.

Please pay particular attention to the course outlines you submit. We rely heavily on these outlines which must include specific time allotments and reflect learning objectives. The major resource materials upon which the course is developed must be referenced and/or included as well.

Providers of traditional continuing education format please note that if you have developed a set of criteria you require of your instructors, you may supply this criteria to us along with a statement certifying that the instructor qualifies. Otherwise, an instructor application as provided should be submitted with course application.

Additionally, please be aware that all providers of real estate education and broker-approved training are required to submit credit verification lists electronically and in the manner prescribed by the Commission. Detailed descritpion of this requirement is described in the pages linked below.

We look forward to your application. Current, well-conceived curriculums are vital to the standards we've set for continuing education in Nebraska.

 Continuing Education Application Packet

Continuing Education in Distance Education Format Application Packet

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