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Instructions for Filing a Sworn Complaint

When filing a Sworn Complaint, the Complainant must provide one original Complaint Form, along with copies of contracts or other documents which may be pertinent to the Complaint.

In completing the Complaint Form, the Complainant's name(s) should appear in the space above the word "Complainant".   The name(s) of the person(s) against whom the Complaint is being filed should appear in the space above the word "Respondent."  Complaints can not be filed against a real estate company as they are not a licensed entity.

Under #3 on the Complaint Form, Complainant must provide a written narrative of the facts outlining the basis of the Complaint.  Additional pages may be inserted.  Allegations made in the Complaint need to be referenced to a particular section of the Nebraska Real Estate License Act, e.g. 81-885.24 (2), or a particular section of the Rules and Regulations, e.g. Title 299 Chapter 5, Section 003.07.  Complaints need to set out why the Complainant feels that the licensee has violated the particular section of the Act or Rules and Regulations.  If the Complainant does not set out a reason for the alleged violation, the Complaint will be returned to the Complainant so that this specific and required information can be obtained.

The Complaint Form must be signed by each Complainant and the signature(s) must be notarized

Upon receipt of the Sworn Complaint, the matter will be pursued as provided under the law.

The Nebraska Real Estate License Manual and a copy of the Commission's "Consumer Guide to Buying and Selling Homes" may also be requested from the Commission Office

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