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Nebraska has a high prevalence of radon in homes.  Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that occurs naturally in some buildings.  The Nebraska Radon Program has good information available regarding radon.  Find out the facts, you may access this information at:

Use a Licensed Radon Specialist---- Businesses providing either radon measurement or radon mitigation services to the public must be licensed by the State (see the Nebraska Radiation Control Act).  Licensed businesses engaged in providing radon measurement and radon mitigation services to the public must demonstrate proficiency and adherence to accepted standard operating procedures. 

A list of licensed businesses is maintained by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services System which certifies individuals as specialists to measure and/or mitigate radon in homes and licenses businesses to provide such services to the public.  

This list of licensed radon measurement businesses are available at the Department's Radon website found at:

If you have any questions regarding radon measurement or radon mitigation don't hesitate to call the Nebraska Radon Program office at 1-800-334-9491.  This telephone number is provided as a public service to all Nebraskans.
Prepared By Mark Versch,
Environmental Health Analyst, HHSS


Information regarding lead-based paint can be obtained from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's website located at

Also available is the HUD's Lead based Paint Disclosure located at



There are several kinds of asbestos fibers, all of which are fire resistant and not easily destroyed or degraded.  The Environmental Protection Agency reports asbestos has been found to cause cancer of the lung and stomach according to studies of workers and others exposed to asbestos.  It has been used in a wide variety of household products such as appliances, ceilings, wall and pipe coverings, floor tiles, roofing and siding materials.  Real estate salespeople must reveal to the prospective buyer the known presence of asbestos on the property.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services System has a page of useful links regarding asbestos on its website at:


While we have tried to give information on more general and known environmental concerns, here, this list is not all-inclusive.  Other, more individual, matters to research may include underground storage tanks, mold, methamphetamine production, groundwater contamination, etc. 

Again, it is the Real Estate Commission's goal to protect the public interest in all real estate transactions. Please research your decisions carefully and always feel free to contact the Commission through this website or by calling our office at: (402)471-2004.