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Frequently Asked Questions
For Consumers


  • Do I have to pay x% commission?
    No. Compensation for broker services is not regulated by law and is whatever is agreed to between the parties, but must be stated clearly in the agreements for services you enter into with the licensee. Please note that this does not require a licensee to negotiate or be flexible on the commission they charge, the licensee is free to charge whatever they feel is appropriate for their services, and the consumer is free to accept that rate or look elsewhere for services if they do not find the rate acceptable.
  • I am considering purchasing a house in Nebraska but would like more information about Nebraska.  Can you provide any information for me?
    Please review the Community Resources/Information section on the Commission website.
  • What kind of real estate matters can the Commission help me with?
    The Commission can investigate matters relating to the actions of real estate licensee (salespersons and brokers) and discipline those licensees if they have violated the license law.
  • What kind of real estate related matters can't the Commission help me with?
    The Commission cannot give legal advice or help with the award of damages or other remedies in legal disputes or contractual claims, or issues relating to landlord tenant law or real property taxes (property valuation too high).

  • What is the Agency Disclosure Form and should I sign it?
    Nebraska Real Estate license law requires all licensees (real estate salespersons and brokers) to present the form to potential clients on the "first substantial contact" with the person. The form, written by the Commission, discloses the duties and obligations of the real estate licensee in the various capacities in which they can serve you (buyer's agent, seller's agent, etc.) It does not create a listing agreement or any contractual obligation, it is merely a disclosure form to help make consumers better informed.

  • Can I find out more about a licensed Salesperson or Broker before I agree to work with them?
    The Nebraska Real Estate Commission has a licensee search function on the website, you can verify license status and check for past disciplinary action taken against them by the Commission.

  • How do I file a complaint against a licensee with the Commission?
    Information regarding the complaint process and complaint forms are found on the Commission website, although it is not required, we recommend that you call (402) 471-2004 or e-mail our office to discuss the nature of your problem before filing a complaint, the Commission cannot give legal advice.