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76-2401.        Legislative findings.
76-2402.        Definitions, where found.
76-2403.        Adverse material fact, defined.
76-2404.        Affiliated licensee, defined.
76-2405.        Brokerage relationship, defined.
76-2406.        Confidential information. defined.
76-2407.        Client, defined.
76-2408.        Commission, defined.
76-2409.        Customer, defined.
76-2410.        Designated broker, defined.
76-2411.        Dual agent, defined.
76-2412.        Licensee, defined.
76-2413.        Limited agent, defined.
76-2414.        Single agent, defined.
76-2415.        Subagent, defined.
76-2416.        Licensee; act as agent, when; agency relationships
                       authorized;compensation, when.
76-2417.        Seller's agent or landlord's agent; powers and duties;
                        confidentiality; immunity; disclosures required.
76-2418.        Buyer's agent or tenant's agent; powers and duties;
                         confidentiality;   immunity;  disclosures required.
76-2419.        Dual agent; powers and duties; confidentiality;
                        immunity;  imputation of knowledge or information.
76-2420.        Designated broker; written policy; relationships.
76-2421.        Licensee offering brokerage services; duties.
76-2422.        Written agreements for brokerage services; when
76-2423.        Representation; commencement and termination;
76-2424.        Compensation; payment.
76-2425.        Violation; unfair trade practice; commission; powers.
76-2426.        Misrepresentation; liability.
76-2427.        Designated broker; appointment of limited agent;
76-2428.        Affiliated licensees; powers and duties; immunity.
76-2429.        Sections; supersede common law; extent;
76-2430.        Commission; rules and regulations.